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CMR Membership

Updatetime:2020-05-04 12:13:00

China Mobile Robot and AGV Industry Alliance (CMR) was founded on October 31, 2017. It is the only alliance organization in AGV industry. The members are mainly excellent enterprises, hardware manufacturers, AGV intelligent research institutions and media units in the field of AGV robots.
CMR focuses on brand cooperation, industrial cooperation and platform cooperation, explores a new mode of integration of "media + industry" and joint development, focuses on and promotes the innovation, fast, efficient, sustainable and healthy development of China Mobile Robot (AGV) industry, jointly builds a public technology innovation platform, establishes a long-term cooperation mechanism and strategic cooperation relationship between industry, University and Research Institute, realizes resource sharing, and forms technology Technological innovation chain, for the flexible production system, intelligent logistics, AGV robot, mobile robot industry technology to build a support platform.
Till now, the members of the alliance has exceeded 260, including leading AGV brands such as HIMATIC, SIASUN, CSIC, HIKROBOT, GEEK+, GUOZI etc., and company HIGHER joined the CMR board of directors in MAY 2020.
With the advantages of technology development in automation control and practical experience in system integration project, HIGHER has developed the HIMATIC® brand AGV and AGVsystem with high safty standard, strong compatibility and good stability. The first batch of three production-line level AGV series, HPS, HLS and HSS, has been satisfied by many customers.